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Aussie Rocker & Superjesus Singer Sarah McLeod Launches Fashion Label Bad Valentine

Aussie rock legend Sarah McLeod of The Superjesus has gone from ripping guitar solos to ripping the fashion world a new one with the launch of her new label, Bad Valentine.

Appropriately arriving on Valentine’s Day, McLeod’s debut fashion line features a small selection of tees which “project bold statements for the brave at heart”.

Need a visual? Check out the pic of McLeod and fellow musical badass Ella Hooper rocking some of the range’s threads, above.

“I want people to feel empowered wearing these shirts,” says McLeod, who was inspired to make her foray into the fashion world after years spent DIY-ing her own tees to wear onstage, and countless inquiries from inspired fans about where they could get one to wear themselves.

“They are tongue in cheek but also a very powerful tool of self-awareness and confidence,” she says. “I want people to know its ok to be bold and its ok to be confident and its quite alright to let ‘em all know you feel that way by pasting it across your chest in broad daylight!

“Yes you may get some funny looks but if you back it up with a smile and spades of conviction, you’ll BE the business.”

McLeod has also released an accompanying single dubbed ‘Bad Valentine’ to commemorate the launch of her new range of statement tees. The video for the tune features models Lola Van Vorst, Tuyamaa Tumenjargal (Miss Mongolia) and Natalie Sweete in the reimagined Enchantment Under The Sea scene from Back To The Future, and you can give it a watch below, or get your hands on one of McLeod’s rockin’ new tees right here.