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Devon Windsor Held Up by Wardrobe Issues Ahead of VS Viewing Party

Devon Windsor

Photo: Getty

When Devon Windsor was getting ready for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Viewing Party on Tuesday night, we don’t think she expected to have such issues getting into her outfit for the celebration. I mean, the girl has worn glittery jumpsuits and surfboards as a model for the lingerie giant, so no ensemble is out of the question or too hard a feat.

Misha Collection Spring 2015

Photo: Josephine Willcox for theFashionSpot

But, apparently, everyday outfits can sometimes be harder than those designated for the superhuman. “This dress actually took me 45 minutes to figure out how to get on… and I don’t even think I did it right lol,” the blonde beauty wrote on Instagram today, speaking about a black dress with a confusing bodice by Aussie label Misha Collection.

Misha Collection Helena Dress

Photo: The Iconic

Looking at the way the Spring 2015 piece wraps around the body, we’re guessing Devon got so tied up trying to figure out which parts of her skin to show. While 45 minutes is a long time just to get dressed, especially if you’ve already picked out your outfit, we’re guessing Misha Collection’s designer, Michelle Aznavorian, is thrilled to see yet another celeb sporting her threads.