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Here’s Adele’s Second ELLE Music Issue Cover

I think that since I'm one of those rare freakazoids that isn't transcendentally moved by Adele's music ("it's fine"), I'm maybe not allowed to have an opinion about her second ELLE 'Women in Music' cover (she previously appeared on the glossy's May 2011 Issue and was one of eight cover stars. This time around, ELLE will also run covers with Rita Ora and Alicia Keys).

"It's fine," is really all I can say about it. Adele is beautiful and her magazine appearances are rarely so simple and quietly soft; in both Vogue and ELLE (and the former publication's UK counterpart AND the latter's Quebec edition), she's been photographed drowning in a lush, sexy mane of hair. For her Vogue cover, the glossy dealt with her larger size by creating a serious boobage situation (it was like, drawn on), but I guess it was for a greater good: the issue was the second-highest seller in the publication's history (following Lady Gaga's, of course).

So it's nice that a magazine has finally styled her in a way that acknowledges her attractiveness as a given (she is fucking gorgeous, there's no other way to put it), but the result is a little bland. Maybe I just don't like the way Adele photographs? It always seems so commercial, or something. Maybe I just don't really care that much about Adele? Am I allowed to say that? So many questions. 

ELLE's 'Women in Music' May Issue will be available on newsstands on April 23.

Images courtesy of ELLE