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Salma Hayek, Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne Star on InStyle’s January 2020 Covers

If 2019 is anything to go by, 2020 is sure to be a brilliant year for InStyle and Laura Brown. In a bid to keep print alive, Brown has created an array of terrific covers over the last 12 months featuring the likes of Ciara, Julianne Moore and the cast of Big Little Lies. Starting the new decade off with a bang, InStyle jumps on the multi-cover bandwagon by giving its January covers to Salma Hayek, Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne. Shot by Robbie Fimmano and styled by Julia von Boehm, the stars of Like a Boss each land their own cover.

US InStyle January 2020 : Salma Hayek, Tiffany Haddish & Rose Byrne by Robbie Fimmano


Our forum members loved the outcome. “WOW…I’m very surprised, beautiful covers!” declared DK92.

“I love the styling on Salma and Tiffany’s covers,” admired kokobombon.

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“Very beautiful covers. I must admit that seeing Salma Hayek on the covers of magazines always makes me a little bit uncomfortable. No matter how serious the subject is, I always feel like she is doing her unofficial ambassador of Kering work,” Lola701 pointed out.

“All three are nice and very InStyle, but I wish Salma was more present in hers. It’s almost melancholic, while the other two have more sass. Maybe it has to do with the characters they represent in their new movie though, not sure,” commented dodencebt.

But the covers weren’t for everyone. “I am annoyed by all these multi-subject covers. Vogue, Marie Claire, now InStyle. It’s just annoying. I feel like it downgrades the cover subjects,” voiced AbbeyRoad.

“It’s all to create more digital ‘buzz’. Freshness, newness, more things to talk about. One cover landing on a newsstand is no longer enough. It’s a shame, but it’s the way it is now,” explained honeycombchild.

US InStyle January 2020 : Salma Hayek, Tiffany Haddish & Rose Byrne by Robbie Fimmano


Which cover do you prefer? Share your thoughts and join the conversation here.

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Forum Members Really Aren’t Feeling Beyoncé’s Two ELLE Covers for January 2020

In the world of magazines, January is the quietest month on the calendar, but given the fact we’re heading into a whole new decade, our favorite fashion glossies seem to be pulling out all the stops with superstar cover stars. There was Taylor Swift on British Vogue, a total of four cover stars on American Vogue and now ELLE picks none other than Beyoncé to front its January 2020 issue. A major coup for Nina Garcia (who has been doing a brilliant job this year), Beyoncé takes the opportunity to show off her new Ivy Park collaboration on two unique covers, both photographed by Melina Matsoukas and styled by Karen Langley.

US Elle January 2020 : Beyoncé by Melina Matsoukas


But both covers proved to be total flops on our forums. “The nerve to put Beyoncé on January. This cover is meh,” declared MON.

“I love Beyoncé, but I don’t care about her not playing the game of magazines. Her forced, serious and static visuals, the Lemonade aesthetic. Fashion is fun and she is sucking the life out of it… I miss when she played the game,” commented Lola701.

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“Nothing works on the covers. And this must be the worst styling I’ve seen in some time. Definitely on her and not ELLE, this is not Nina’s style. Pity Nina sat on this for so long because maybe if it was dropped sooner it would have trended, but I doubt it will. Just as well it’s a January cover. Will be forgotten as soon as the next cover drops,” Benn98 chimed in.

“First cover is horrific. Can’t believe it made the cut. Still sick of Beyoncé,” ranted Handbag Queen.

Forum member caioherrero agreed: “I’m so tired of Beyoncé and that blasé face. She used to be so fun, now is so boring.”

Nomar wasn’t exactly jumping for joy, either. “Well I immediately saw that Ivy Park logo and rolled my eyes. No thanks.”

US Elle January 2020 : Beyoncé by Melina Matsoukas


Will you be making a mad dash to the newsstand for ELLE‘s latest? Sound off here.

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Naomi Campbell Rocks Plenty of Bling on Vogue Brazil’s Festive December 2019 Cover

The majority of mainstream fashion glossies have been steering clear of festive glamour this season. But Vogue Brazil decided to go against the grain by giving us true holiday vibes for December 2019. Following an array of striking covers featuring Anok Yai, Gigi Hadid and Christy Turlington, the Brazilian fashion bible picks Naomi Campbell to close out 2019. Shot by photographic duo Luigi & Iango and styled by Pedro Sales, Naomi looks flawless wearing a look from the Christian Dior Cruise 2020 collection for the portrait cover shot.

Vogue Brazil December 2019 : Naomi Campbell by Luigi & Iango


Naomi’s latest divided our forums. “God, such perfection! Wonderful end of the year for Vogue Brazil with Gigi and Christy and now Naomi! I’m always going to love Luigi & Iango’s CGI version of women and I’m in love with these simple portraits they’ve been shooting for Vogue Brazil lately,” applauded aracic.

“Simple, classic, festive. Everything we need,” raved jorgepalomo.

“It’s impossible for me to ever dislike or not buy a Naomi cover! Look at that face!” exclaimed Miss Dalloway.

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“Pretty CGI, but that’s expected of Luigi & Iango, so I think I like it. Naomi looks fresh and the styling is great,” admired dodencebt.

“Naomi is stunning! Stunning! However, the styling is too excessive for this pose/mood,” said MON.

Not everyone loved the outcome. “I used to respect Naomi (for her modeling experience only), but this woman is so cheap nowadays. Ugh!” shared Srdjan.

Vogue Brazil closes 2019 without a single cover featuring a Brazilian model,” noted caioherrero.

A hit or miss? Await Naomi’s cover feature and join the conversation here.

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Stella McCartney, Ashley Graham and Others Star on Vogue’s January 2020 Issue

Anna Wintour has been on a roll lately gifting us great covers and some unexpected cover stars. First came an amazing Olivia Colman offering, a glorious Rihanna cover followed, then we were treated to a practically perfect Phoebe Waller-Bridge cover for December. Now the American fashion bible is honoring the fearless faces and forces in the industry with four January 2020 covers. All shot by Annie Leibovitz and styled by Tonne Goodman, the fresh covers feature Stella McCartney, Ashley Graham, Greta Gerwig and a mystery subject to be named later.

US Vogue January 2020 : Stella McCartney & Family by Annie Leibovitz


Stella’s cover was the first to drop. “This is such a great idea, I know people usually hate kids on covers, but I love that they gave a cover to a female designer. Also this is easily the most natural of Leibovitz’s covers. Bring on the others…” raved Miss Dalloway.

“Seemingly surprising, but actually a very suitable way to start the new decade. Stella McCartney is a pioneer and a tireless advocate for sustainable practices in fashion,” noted dodencebt.

“Come through Anna! She seems to have had some sort of a revelation recently with all these gorgeous covers and surprising cover subjects. Love everything about this!” applauded aracic.

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Marc10 felt the same enthusiasm for the cover: “Whoa, Anna has been brave with some unexpected yet awesome cover stars lately! Love this, what a gorgeous, warm image. Really flawless!”

“WOW! That cover is stunning. I love the fact that despite how simple the image is, it still captures your attention. Great way to start the year, Vogue U.S.,” said crmsnsnwflks.

The covers starring Ashley and Greta proved to be just as popular. “Oh the other two are STUNNING! Ashley’s cover is so far the best. The stare, the mood, the composition. Stunning,” approved MON.

“Really beautiful covers, finally American Vogue‘s style comes back! These portraits are so romantic and modern at the same time,” declared biagiolr.

“Ashley and Greta are unexpected but welcome surprises. Loving all three images so far, classic Leibovitz. And wondering who’s the final cover star gonna be…” wrote amby.

US Vogue January 2020 : The 'Vogue Vaules of 2020' by Annie Leibovitz


Who do you think the mystery cover star is? Share your thoughts on Vogue‘s latest here.

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Prada Switches Photographers for Its Resort 2020 Campaign

Our forum members have been very open about their displeasure over Willy Vanderperre replacing Steven Meisel as Prada’s campaign photographer. With the exception of Vanderperre’s Resort 2017 offering featuring Jessica Chastain, the campaigns have fallen short — extremely short. Thankfully, Miuccia Prada decided to switch things up by enlisting Drew Vickers and Keizo Kitajima to shoot the fashion house’s Resort 2020 campaign. The new ads feature a long list of models, including Qun Ye, Freja Beha Erichsen, Sara Blomqvist, Toni Smith, Stella Jones, Ashley Radjarame, Xiao Wen Ju, Lexi Boling, Kyla Ramsey and Victoire Ishimwe captured both indoors and outdoors.

Prada Resort 2020 by Drew Vickers & Keizo Kitajima


Our forums were huge supporters of the switch. “A new era!” heralded Nuit.

“Best campaign they’ve done in years,” exclaimed lelaid.

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“I really like this campaign. Cinematic and both modern and retro at the same time. The black and white shots give me Ingmar Bergman vibes with a modern twist…” noted Morgane07.

“This is probably the most Prada-esque campaign in years,” proclaimed Style Savvy.

“This campaign is soooooo good. Fresh cast. Fresh perspective,” said dfwn2n.

“Everything is perfection with this campaign — from the concept to the cast to the styling to the execution,” agreed blusheels.

“Love this as well. I like Willy Vanderperre as a photographer, he’s amazing, but he just never really worked for Prada,” declared Joromana.

Prada Resort 2020 by Drew Vickers & Keizo Kitajima


Check out Prada’s Resort 2020 advertising campaign in full and join the conversation here.

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Virginie Efira Guest Edits Vogue Paris’ Double Holiday Issue

Out of the 23 international editions of Vogue, Vogue Paris is the most predictable of the bunch. In 2019 alone, we’ve encountered Rianne Van Rompaey a total of three times and Erika Linder twice down at the newsstand. We expected to see one of the two regulars help the French fashion bible round out the year. But the mag threw us a curveball by having French-Belgian actress Virginie Efira guest edit its holiday issue, following in the footsteps of Rihanna, Karl Lagerfeld and Vanessa Paradis. Rocking a Veronica Lake-inspired hairstyle, glossy makeup and a sequined Saint Laurent number, Virginie poses before the lens of Mikael Jansson for the chic cover shot.

Vogue Paris December 2019/January 2020 : Virginie Efira by Mikael Jansson


The vast majority of our forum members had no clue who Virginie was. “I googled her because I don’t know who she is and I’m really impressed. She’s gorgeous, the cover is stunning. Always great to see someone unexpected on Vogue Paris,” approved jorgepalomo.

“After umpteen covers from Alt with the same faces, I can appreciate the sight of someone new on the cover of Vogue Paris, but I also have absolutely zero clue who Virginie Efira is (did immediately think it was Kate Moss upon first glance — or Sofia Richie). Nevertheless, I’m a fan of how festive and glamorous the cover feels…” echoed vogue28.

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“I’m beyond shocked! This is literally the first time that Vogue Paris has a celebrity that has a real mainstream popularity as a cover woman. I kinda like it! The cover is chic, safe and festive,” commented Lola701.

Valentine27 felt the same way: “Virginie Efira on the cover of Vogue Paris. Now that’s a shock! Never thought I’d ever witness this! Incredible and quite unbelievable to be honest. I’m very happy for her. She’s a great actress and a beautiful woman. Finally we get someone drastically different.”

“That’s a beautiful and chic cover. Very Vogue Paris,” proclaimed mepps.

Are you a fan of the cover? Check out some previews of the issue and share your thoughts here.