Pancaking: The Genius Way to Fake a Fuller Braid

Your days of struggling to craft a Pinterest-worthy braid are now behind you. A brilliant hack makes achieving a full braid easier than ever: pancaking.

We promise you won’t have to turn on the stove for this hair technique. Pancaking is the art of loosening your braid with care so it flattens out like a pancake. The looser your braid, the thicker it appears.

To get the look, braid your hair normally and secure it with an elastic.

Then gently tug at each section with your thumb and pointer figure to flatten your braid. Word to the wise: the style works best with longer hair as shorter strands will fall out of the braid when pancaked.


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Pancaked braids are not only stunning, they give off an effortless, Boho vibe.

Perfect the art of pancaking and your braids will rival Rooney Mara’s in no time.

[via Cosmopolitan]