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tFS Forum Member Mackos Tells Us What His Perfect Runway Show Looks Like (and More)

Members of the invitation-only the Fashion Spot forums are well-known among other fashion lovers for their enthusiastic reactions to new runway collections and fast sharing of new pictures and scans. Some have already made a name for themselves in the industry and some have all the potential to become part of the fashion elite in the future. In our continuing series, we are spotlighting some of the most outstanding and interesting contributors to the tFS forums and giving a peek inside their offline lives.

mackos24-year old Maciej from Wroclaw, Poland, has been a valued contributor to the tFS forums for almost six years. He found the forums while browsing various websites for fashion show pictures, videos and editorials and noticed tFS popping up frequently. He immediately knew he didn't just want to read other people's posts or get their scans and photos: he wanted to be part of the community and share his own thoughts and material with other members. 
Multilingual Maciej studied Spanish but is now working as a Human Resources Assistant for a French company. He has never been involved with the fashion industry professionally but admits that he would love to work for a magazine some day or maybe even be an assistant during fashion show productions, as he'd find the insane rush and adrenaline behind the scenes to be very fascinating. This is also one of the reasons he loves watching backstage videos of fashion shows. Maciej uses his tumblr account, matieu-s, to post more of his favorite images and videos. In our interview he tells us more about his fashion favorites and explains what he wants to see in the perfect runway show.

the Fashion Spot: You seem to be very interested in the production of a runway shows as a whole, you say that you love runway soundtracks and love finding out more about the show venues. What, to you, makes the perfect runway show? Can you give examples of shows you enjoyed particularly much?

Maciej: For me, a perfect runway show is a tale where all the elements combine to tell a beautiful, coherent and moving story. I love it when a beautiful collection is presented in an impressive venue with a soundtrack that reflects the mood (and preferably, with my favorite models walking at the show). Of course, it doesn't always have to be beyond breathtaking, über-flashy. I’d rather have all the elements working together and complementing each other, or just something that makes it special, like at Lanvin Fall 2007 when the models were walking down on a big scaffolding. I’m always enjoying Marc Jacobs’ shows during New York Fashion Week, I’m glad he puts more effort into the scenery, yet you don’t have the impression the setting is covering the shortcomings of the collection. Also, each season I’m looking forward to Miuccia Prada’s shows. With Rem Koolhaas inventing all these incredible settings, Frédéric Sanchez composing the music and Pat McGrath and Guido Palau doing hair and makeup, they’re just bound the be amazing. This season, I really missed Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga. His shows always had a very unique vibe to them.

tFS: Do you have an all-time favorite fashion image or video that is special to you?

M: There are so many fashion videos which are special to me that it would be a tough call picking just one. Two of them would be Miu Miu Fall 2007 and Fall 2009 shows. First one takes me back to the beginnings of my interest in fashion, I remember when I downloaded the full video and was really amazed by the presentation. The clothes, the styling, beautiful catwalk at the 34 Avenue Foch mansion, subtle pink lightning and David Bowie in the soundtrack. To this day I find the collection absolutely exquisite, very sensual, twisted and provocative, just what I always love about this brand.

Miu Miu Fall 2009 is another of my all-time classics. Yet again the collection was sensual but at the same time so subversive and fascinating. I really loved the luxurious mood of the clothes (again presented in gorgeous interiors of the Avenue Foch mansion, which would my most beloved venue), enhanced with the most fantastic soundtrack composed from the movie dialogs. Even though it’s been a few years now since both collections were shown, they still remain as special and seducing to me as they were when I first saw them.

I also have some special feelings for the shows from Spring 2007 season, as this was the moment I started to pay some serious attention to fashion. Given I’m quite a sentimental person, from time to time I feel like coming back to Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin or Chanel.

tFS: I find that you have quite a defined type of model that you like, the models you like are often what one might consider unconventional and quirky beauties. Who are some of your favorite models, and why? Have you always preferred high fashion beauties over more commercially successful models?

M: Indeed, I've always been more into high fashion beauties, and it’s actually interesting to me how much my taste has evolved through the years. One of the most popular opinions about fashion is that it’s a strict and ruthless business when it comes to the looks, but I have learned that it also enables you to recognize many kinds of beauty, very often not the typical ones. Many times I found myself appreciating the models I was not fond of before.

Again, as in the previous question, there are many models I like and admire. The one I have the softest spot for is Gemma Ward, since she practically introduced me to the world of fashion models. I still find her beauty so unique and breathtaking that she’s always been an icon on my private list.

I’m also head over heels for Querelle Jansen. She’s one of the most amazing, quirky and fascinating faces I have ever seen, plus there are so many great things about her apart from that. I love the fact she was named after Georges Querelle, the protagonist of Jean Genet’s book Querelle de Brest, who happens to be my favorite literary figure. Also, it’s quite something that her personal style was one of Marc Jacobs’ inspirations for the Louis Vuitton Spring 2005 collection and she was one of the very few girls in history who booked both Prada and Miu Miu campaigns during the same season.

Model Querelle Jansen, Marc by Marc Jacobs Show Fall 2013 via IMAXtree

When it comes to the newcomers, I’m really keen on Nadja Bender. Many people find her dull or one-note, but for me she’s one of the most stunning new faces in few years and immediately caught my eye when I saw her profile at MDC. I love her on the runway and I’m glad to see she’s having a major moment in her print work. Adding on fantastic personal style and the fact she’s really smart in her interviews – what’s there not to love?

Oh, and the list would not be complete without Anabela Belikova. She’s my classic proof of love at first sight.

tFS: What are your favorite threads or section of the tFS forums?

M: Obviously, the Designers & Collections section, especially during the Fashion Weeks, and the particular threads of my top models in the Supporting Cast. One of my favorite threads is the Catwalk Videos thread, as I’m always searching for the full runway videos and thanks to many members I got some of the best pieces for my collection there. From The Art of Noise section, I’m a regular guest at the Runway Music threads each season, as I’m really keen on finding the pieces from the compositions played at the shows (especially those created by Frédéric Sanchez who is one of my personal idols in the fashion industry). From the recently created threads, I’m often visiting Fashion Show Venues and Ad Campaign & Editorials Locations, I love when a beautiful interior or place is a part of the whole story and creates a fascinating mood.