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Chloé Comme Parris ‘Beautiful Badass’ Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

Chloé Comme Parris was the first show I attended during Toronto Fashion Week. It was also my most liked show, and not just because BHD had front row seating right across from Essie Weingarten. The sisters Parris and Chloé Gordon created a magical collection inspired by Erté, Russian costume designer and fashion illustrator. Some influence was also borrowed from the 1920s, in both the clothing and jewellery. As the models marched down the runway, I couldn't help but think that their clothing was both hard and soft, which went perfectly with the theme "Beautiful Badass".

I loved everything about it. "Beautiful Badass" embodied so much attitude while still capturing a feminine appeal. Take a look and see why I was so captivated by Chloé Comme Parris.