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Miranda Kerr Goes to Korea, Wears Utilitarian Underwear for Vogue and Elle


For Miranda Kerr, it’s just another day in Northeast Asia, for the rest of us, it’s evidence that granny panties are going to be really big (no pun intended) next season.

On Friday, the supermodel posted a photo to her Instagram of an upcoming issue of Elle she’s fronting. It shows Miranda looking about half her 30 years in a cropped balloon sweater and some rather practical underwear. The text reads: “sexy wonder body” because, duh.

The cover is most likely for the July 2013 issue of Elle Korea. Just last week, Miranda had a Korean Vogue cover shoot there, and the two are almost awkwardly alike in style. Boxy white top half? Check. Abs that encourage conspiracy rumours about her pregnancy? Check. Utilitarian underwear? Big high-waisted check.

No word yet on whether these will take off in the Western world. Miranda’s first post-Korea shoot was for Net-A-Porter’s swimwear issue and aligns more closely with the model’s Victoria’s Secret days.

Do you prefer Miranda’s Korean Elle or Vogue cover? Or is it too close to call?


Images: Miranda Kerr’s Instagram