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C’mon Vogue Netherlands. Why Did You Do This to Bette Franke? (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Netherlands March 2013 - Bette FrankeSo, I think we can all agree that Bette Franke fits the universal beauty standard, yes? Keeping that in mind, why did Vogue Netherlands choose to do this to her for their March 2013 cover? She makes a great choice for a cover model, but apparently Vogue Netherlands set out to prove that they could kind of ruin her.

“A bit too much makeup and I don't like the hat/hair,” Nyphaea assessed.

“This cover would have been so pretty if they let Bette's hair color stay brown and got rid of that terrible eye makeup,” ChristyLeReveur agreed.

“Looks like she escaped from a circus,” MyNameIs quipped. “There was a good idea there somewhere, but the execution went horrid along the way.”

Kudos to Vogue Netherlands for employing Dutch models month after month, but thumbs down to them for continually making the models look kind of (or totally) awkward.